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"Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world."

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Good Fortune and a Bright Future

Our mission is to help Filipinos make their dream of building their home a reality.

We want to help people make wise decisions on investments and help them grow.  

That’s why information is as important. 

Part of our advocacy is to get more Filipinos engaged in learning about investments. 

From making the decision to buy land, to constructing the building for your future home, we want to help make your investments last a lifetime. 

Because every Filipino deserves to have a chance at good fortune and a bright future.

Our Story

Bonne chance pour l’avenir. 

It’s a French term that means good luck in the future

Like any parent, Eliseo and Julita Cruz wanted to give their children a bright future

They raised their kids as well as they could, with everything they needed to be successful

They built a home full of love and laughter. They taught their children the value of hard work

They knew how important relationships are, and they taught their kids how to take care of people by example. 

And most of all, Eliseo and Julita shared the importance of investing

They knew the value of land and property.

The family had an abundant land inventory, and they also came from a line of real estate developers in Taytay, Rizal. 

But most of all, they wanted to leave a legacy that their children can pass on to their children, and the generations to come. 

Because of this, they decided to start their own real estate development company.

Thus, Bon Avenir Realty Development Corp was born. 

Meet the Board of Directors

Ms. Irma Eustaquio

Licensed Real Estate Broker

The president is responsible for leading the Board of Directors, oversees operations, and ensures the actions of the board are carried out

Ms. Marissa Matas

Vice President/ Logistics
Licensed Real Estate Broker

The Vice President for Logistics is responsible for negotiations, contracts, distribution, supply management, and asset management. 

Ms. Marites Lachica

Vice President Finance
Licensed Real Estate Broker

The Vice President for Finance is responsible for the organization’s designing and implementing strategies for financial growth.


Ms. Catherine Guiao

Vice President for Administration, Sales, and Marketing
Licensed Real Estate Broker

The Vice President for Administration, Sales and Marketing is responsible for overseeing operations, sales and marketing strategies, and monitoring performances across all departments.

Meet Our Dedicated Customer Support

Bon Avenir staff

Ms. Lina Diopilo

Administrative Manager

Ms. Elvie Lastname

Ms. Elvira Arquero

Administrative Assistant

What Makes a House a Home?

Ask anyone about their dream house and they’ll answer differently. 

Some might say they want a house near the beach where they could hear the waves of the ocean. 

Some would say they want it high up, so they could see the city lights. 

Others say they want it nice and quiet, so they prefer a cabin in the woods. Or maybe somewhere in the fields so they could grow with the land. 

But ask anyone what makes a home, everyone will say the same thing. 

It’s that warm feeling you get when you open the door.

It’s the familiar smell of comfort food in the kitchen. 

It’s the sound of giggles and laughter, and the pitter-patter as kids run across the halls. 

Ask anyone what home means to them, and they would say home is where the heart is

We at Bon Avenir Realty Development Corporation aspire to provide Filipinos with the comfort, safety, and security they deserve. 

Our Focus

Bon Avenir offers prime lots and locations in Taytay and Cainta, Rizal. 

With its natural beauty, accessibility, and convenience, Rizal is fast becoming the ideal location to build a home. It offers the best benefits city living has to offer. 

Fast internet speeds, shopping centres, and more employment and business opportunities. 

You get to enjoy all of these while living in the quaint charm with the suburban feel. 

Our subdivisions are built with ample space where kids can play without worry. 

It’s just minutes away from key establishments like schools, hospitals, and marketplaces

And most importantly, it’s a place where communities grow and thrive, keeping the Filipino’s love for family alive. 

Our aspiration is the same as yours. And that is to build a place of love, peace, and comfort. 

A place you can call home.